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I have been coming to Restore Hydration for over 3 months now, getting both IVs and MIC B12 shots! I have been so pleased with both how I feel and the kindness and knowledge of Dr Izadi. She sat down with me our first IV session for most of the hour and went over some of my health concerns, and offered some amazing input. She and her staff truly care, and are incredibly kind. As a fitness professional, I need to keep my energy at its prime to do my job. These injections/IVs have done just that. If you are in need of an energy boost or replenish of vitamins and minerals please check them out. 5 stars!

– Macey Headington

I have been getting B12 injections and IV glutathione infusions for a few months. After being hospitalized for five months with severe complications from Covid I suffered from debilitating fatigue. I feel better now than I did pre-Covid. I recommend this for anyone feeling fatigue or lack of energy.❤️

– Terry Johnson


IV Therapy in Virginia


Our IV Nutrient Bags are stocked full of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to feel your absolute best. Taking vitamins intravenously allows you to absorb 100% of the nutrients as opposed to just a smaller percentage if taken by mouth.  


B12, also known as cobalamin, is a vital nutrient that plays a key role in numerous bodily functions. However, many individuals may suffer from B12 deficiencies due to factors such as dietary restrictions, poor absorption, or certain medical conditions.

Interested in MIC B12?

This shot contains three compounds which work synergistically to improve fat metabolism, sleep, and fat burning. That is why it’s often dubbed the “skinny shot”. 

IV Therapy in Virginia


Boost Your Energy and Vitality with B12 Vitamin Shots

Increase Energy Levels

Support Cognitive Function

Promote Healthy Nervous System

Improve Mood

Help with Sleep Quality

Enhance Metabolism

Aid in the formation of red blood cells

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Meet Keri Izadi


Hi, I’m Dr. Keri Izadi! About 10 years ago I was losing a battle with chronic illness. Desperate for something that would regenerate the energy I used to have, I turned to intergrative therapies to begin to reclaim my health – and it worked! It was a paradigm shift for this allopathically trained Dentist Anesthesiologist to embrace a more holistic approach, but for me, it was the beginning of a new passion to inspire others with a desire to optimize their health.

Gleaning from my own personal experience, I have become proficient in coaching my patients to a healthier lifestyle and administering IV vitamin therapy, using my expertise to enrich the lives of my patients. I use Liquivida IV therapies to enrich various aspects of lifestyle wellness, from vitamin B energy boosts, aiding in athletic recovery, strengthening the immune system, and even curing a hangover or a migraine!

I am a traveling anesthesiologist. I have done Anesthesia in a hospital surgical center and now in private offices. Starting IV’s is something I have done for the past 22 years.

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